Not your grandma’s mindset expert.

I prioritize what WORKS.

Rather than become mired in useless philosophical debates on topics like action-taking, mindset, manifestation and the like...

Rather than tell you to “dream it until you can be it” or “fake it until you make it” or any other trite cliche...

I get high off of digging into what makes you tick and what will propel you forward even when you feel afraid or uncertain.

We don’t discount or attempt to bury fear or uncertainty though -- we use them.

About Laura Catella
“You are a blood thirsty killer girl”
- Perry Belcher, Marketing Godfather
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Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella
Laura Catella

I swear I don’t bite. I swear I hold space for you.

And when you’re ready, or a smidgen before that, I push you over your upper limit, and help you enter a new “familiar.”

One that is closer to your wildest fantasies.

I’ve spent the past 13 years of my life as an entrepreneur. I know no other life.

This life can be glamorous, most “gurus” only share that part.

But deep down, you know the truth.

Being an entrepreneurial individual comes with challenges, setbacks, and moments of complete, utter dread.

But... I’ve always overcome.

Or went around.

Or dissolved the barrier.

Or crawled under it.

Or made a 90 degree turn and kept walking.

You’re already starting to understand how I’m “different...”

Because the truth is, there is no one “answer” or set-in-stone way for you to achieve your big, juicy goals.

There are infinite potential ways.

Millions of answers.

Most people don’t want to share that because it’s scary.

But I think it means there’s more juice for the squeeze.

Over the course of my career -- launching successful brands across several industries, I’ve learned thousands of the diverse ways to break past mental blocks and take a winners’ actions.

No one universal “answer” to conquer the limitations that hold you back, and cause you to repeat patterns.

Laura Catella
“Laura Catella is a force of nature...
Laura is the most kindly, effective, aggressive, action-taker, on making sure that you follow through with your commitments... so if you want accountability, it’s almost like I’m not sure whether I should be excited or afraid... ;)”
- David Gonzales, Founder of IM Party
Laura Catella

But if your mind ain’t right, it’s all for naught.

The stress will kill ya.

Your fantasies will be rendered impossible.

All by your own doing.

And if you’re committed to there only being “one way...”

If you’re looking for someone to give you the “answer...”

And you’re hell-bent on taking the same tired approaches -- ramming your head into your obstacle over and over again as if that’s the only way to break it down -- then I’m not for you.

Do you want to do it that way?

Do you want the cracked skull that comes along with that approach?

I hope the answer is “hell no.”

You want so much more than that.

You want to be confident and nimble even in the face of challenges.

You want to know not just your next step, but the new roads that will appear with each of the next 10 steps you take, and how you’ll evaluate those new roads and keep taking steps.

You want to be respected.

You want to become a legend.

And so long as you’re not sneakily a psychopath with machinations to become a warlord or something... you deserve to have what you want.

But if you’ve been holding yourself back...

Playing small, repeating patterns, procrastinating, people-pleasing, sabotaging, seeing the trees and not the forest...

And you’re ready to stop that shit...

Then I can help you fix all of that in as little as 7 weeks.

What would it be worth to you to finally have unshakable clarity on what you want, and bulletproof confidence to take the most efficient actions towards it?

That’s what I want to share with you.

The proprietary tools, frameworks, and processes to help entrepreneurs understand the myriad of paths available to you, clear the bullshit in the brain that is holding you back, and move forward with confidence and clarity.

Not a mere one-step forward, but exponentially forward. With the support and accountability you need to keep at it.

My clients become more able, empowered, and achieve greater results than they ever thought possible.

If you want to unleash yourself onto the world... then you can’t live without this.

If you’re curious to learn more, push that finger of yours on this here link.

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Professional Bio

Laura Catella is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has grown e-commerce and direct response brands in Beauty, Health, Internet Marketing, and Financial Education. She’s thought by many to be one of the best mindset coaches, copywriters and copy coaches alive.

When first asked to coach, Laura’s clients would routinely ask, “how do you do it?” They’d ask it about copywriting, being a 6-figure freelancer her very first year in the game, starting her own offers, scaling her own brands, and balancing a robust personal life, including motherhood (Eden, Laura’s daughter, is a legendary little 4 year old girl). The answers always came back to mindset over tactics. Coaching on mindset took considerably more persistence than teaching a tactic, but the results were exponential for her clients, and the work was so much more fulfilling for them and Laura. This inspired Laura to create Diamond Day Mastermind, the premier personal development experience for entrepreneurs, which is now touted to be the very best event of its kind in the industry.

Laura also runs group mindset coaching cohorts 3-4 times per year, where she teaches her Diamond Mind Framework. She’s the creator of Game Frame, which is one of the world’s best marketing training programs that takes unique approaches to branding, copy, and creativity. She’s an accomplished NLHE Poker player and has three pets: two cats, Trinket and Bluff, and a dog, Winston. She stargazes nightly